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We’ve loved every​ minute of our journey!

We’ve loved every​ minute of our journey!

An Idea Is Born

Olenga Echewa Anabui (pictured left) established the charitable Dr. Willie W. Echewa Opportunities Scholarship Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, to honor her mother and create more success stories like hers. Dr. Echewa's (pictured right & below) improbable chance to attend college transformed her life and countless others during her 30-year teaching career in Philadelphia public schools.

Based on the founder's volunteer activities with urban youth, she understood that scholarships alone would not create college graduates. In 2010, she designated scholarship awards exclusively to Philadelphia Futures participants to ensure that scholarship awardees would have the social, academic and personal enrichment needed to enter college and complete their degrees. Philadelphia Futures has helped thousands of urban high school students socially and academically and equipped the most promising among them with the tools they need to achieve their dream of obtaining a college degree.

Dr. Willie W. Echewa

Born in 1934, Dr. Willie W. Echewa (pictured above & right) is an African-American woman who grew up in rural West Virginia. Despite countless challenges, Dr. Echewa was the first in her family to graduate from high school. When she received an unanticipated opportunity to attend college, she seized it and ran with it to become a teacher. She then went on to gain two Master's Degrees from Columbia University, married and raised three children while earning a Doctorate in Education from Temple University.

Dr. Echewa demonstrated unfailing empathy and commitment to helping inner-city students gain life-changing opportunities through education and vocational training. She used her 30-year career in Philadelphia public schools and her personal story to inspire students who otherwise might not see that the world extended beyond their neighborhoods.

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Help make the dream of college a reality.  Please ensure our fund's name, The Echewa Fund, is selected under "Select a Cause" when completing your donation on The Philadelphia Foundation's donation page.